Customer Reviews for Encinitas Ford Encinitas, CA

Finding the right car at the right price, is often a challenge. Finding the right dealer to do business with, well that too can be as much of a challenge.

At Encinitas Ford in Encinitas, CA, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our knowledgeable sales and service teams raise the customer care bar to the highest level. If you have never purchased or had your car serviced here at Encinitas Ford, allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

Wanted to say thank you!! Thank you for the great buying experience, (please extend a thank you to the entire team involved) and thank you for getting our charger to us so quickly!!! Absolutely LOVE the truck and couldn't be happier! Thank you again!!! Melissa Kolb
Melissa Kolb    

Good morning, Mark! I am besides myself with joy every time I look at my new car (now nicknamed "Silver Queen"). Seeing it yesterday for the first time under the canopy almost took my breath away and this addition to my life has now erased all of the trauma that enveloped me after I had the accident with "Old Red" on May 11th. The car handles and rides like a dream and I have you and David Duncan to thank for all the efforts you expended in my behalf. I was so sorry David could not be present when I took delivery of "Silver Queen" because he really went over and beyond the call of duty to find exactly the car I wanted. We had a long phone conversation about it this morning. However, I do not want to diminish the role Oscar Morales played yesterday in helping me with the paperwork involved and for going out with me to test drive the car. He was so very nice to me and went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied. He also explained quite a few of the "bells and whistles" that came with the car, downloaded the contents of my cell phone into the Sync system, and much more. And, of course, it was "deja vu all over again" with Lindsay Friedman back at the dealership and handling the leasing paperwork for me. She's a real treasure!! It has been drizzling this morning and although I have to go out in a while I am reluctant to do so because I don't want the new car to get wet!! Silly, isn't it? I thank you and am so very grateful for taking time out of your busy days to meet with me on more than one occasion and to make sure I was well taken care of, just as you've done in past years. This time was a little more special and I am pleased with the discounts you provided off the original cost of the car. Loyalty begets loyalty, I guess!! My offer to treat you to a lunch still stands and I'd love for you to take advantage of it when you have time. Thank you again for being such a good guy, and a special one at that!! Hope to see you again very soon. Fondly, Rena Monge
Rena Monge    

Dear Mark Wheeler, Hi There! My name is Kelsi Woods and i recently bought a car from your dealership! I just have to say my experience was amazing! I first met with Al Poiencot and he made it so easy for me and answered all my questions and believe me i had a lot of them! He was patient and so helpful! This was my first time EVER buying a car so i didn't know what to expect. Al did all the work for me which was nice! He found the car i wanted and stayed in my price range. I got the car the next day and it spent a total of 2 hrs at the dealership! This was great since i had my 2 year old with me! Everyone was so gracious and patient so i am very thankful for everyone that helped...especially Al! Thank you so much Al and everyone at encinitas ford! I love my car! Thank you- Kelsi Woods and Clinton Woods
Kelsi and Clinton W.